Biytte secure wallet vault

The first secure and anti-kyc multichain cryptocurrency wallet with a dex aggreagtor and crypto 2 fiat protocol.

How does Biytte Work?

Biytte is an easy to use wallet solution that allows users to create safe and untraceable wallets with which transactions can be completed without the need for KYC.

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Simply sign up with your email and password to gain full access to our wallet features. You do not need to complete any KYC.

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Create your secure wallet and backup your Key phrase. You can import your wallet to any preferred wallet provider mobile app.


Perform secure and untraceable transactions with our easy to use wallet provider. With Biytte, your funds are SAFU.

Popular Currencies on Biytte

Some of the popular cryptocurrencies on Biytte can be found below.

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Why Use Biytte?

Secure Transactions

Low Transaction Fees

Beginner friendly interface

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Start trading your favorite cryptocurrencies with low fees in 3 easy steps. Sign up, Create wallet and Swap!